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Call for small-retreat submissions for publication

Today I’m embarking on a book project with The Taunton Press. I’ll be writing about appealing, small retreats – backyard and beyond. The featured retreats will be in the U.S. or Canada and will each be less than 750 square feet. They may include such uses as: an artist studio, beach pad, bunk house, pool cabana, tea house, writer’s shack, dining pavilion, summerhouse, garden folly, mountain escape, tree house, etc… Some will be antique retreats, some will be adapted from other uses, and some will be more recently created. I aim to illuminate how they collectively portray eight characteristics of good, small-retreat design, so readers can create their own special places.

If you know of a project that you think I should consider including in the book, please let me know. For now, simply email me (Katie@katiehutchison.com) some low resolution jpegs of the exterior, interior, and context, along with some background information about what it is, where it is, who owns it, who designed it, and if it has been professionally photographed. Also, please let me know if you’re aware of any architectural drawings that depict it and its site.

I’ll be collecting projects to consider for publication in the coming weeks and look forward to reviewing those that you may recommend. Together we can create an inspiring and informative book. Please join me.

by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast

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